Quilt | JAMstack Hackathon 2018

- React - Redux - Mongo DB - Express - News API - Stripe API - View Source Code
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While my team and I were brainstorming ideas we found out each one of us was attending our first hackathon ever. After initially trying out other ideas hours into the hackathon, we finally settled on Quilt. The purpose of Quilt is to be informative to users by color coding news articles according to the publication's bias. Users can also login in and save articles.

This was my first time working with React. While I initially struggled I was able to grasp React concepts such as components, and state after looking over the code and documentation. Working with a team propelled me into learning a vast amount of React in a weekend. When we started the project had styled everything with the usual external CSS. On the second day, a teammate suggested we use styled components instead. I was sold on using styled components within seconds. While this app started as a JAMstack app, we continued working on it remotely after the hackathon ended and ended up turning into a MERNstack app. This experience not only jumpstarted use of React but I also learning how to collaborate with other remotely.